Stem Shield is the #1 new safety and maintenance product on the market.         Stem Shield creates a safer environment for workers, and protects valves from corrosion and the elements.  It protects your workers, protects your equipment, and saves your company money.  Implement Stem Shield and have protection for years.


High Visibility Safety Colors

The human eye responds best to bright, contrasting objects.  Valve stem visibility is enhanced by high color contrast between Stem Shield valve stem covers and the work environment against which it is seen. With a bright colored Stem Shield, your employees will have a heightened awareness resulting in less accidents.    

High Visibility Safety Colors

Valve Stem Safety

Valve stems are an OSHA recognized hazard responsible for countless accidents each year.  Injuries range from simple cuts to broken bones, gouges, concussions, and even fatal impalement.  Stem Shield is the only product available to fully remove this 24/7 hazard. PROTECT YOUR EMPLOYEES!!!


Valve Maintenance & Protection

Stem Shield protects valve stems from the elements, corrosion, debris contamination, over spray, and thread damage.  It keeps valves well lubricated and in proper working condition resulting in lower maintenance and repair cost.  Stem Shield makes life easier on Operators and Maintenance Crews.


5 Standard Sizes to Meet Your Needs

The Stem Shield is stocked in 5 standard sizes. Custom sizes are available upon request. The standard shields cover stems from 3″ to 18″ in length and up to 2″ in diameter (Diameter of shield increases with length). Contact Sales Rep for sizing specifics.  

Why Stem Shield?

Safety Comes First

Stem Shield seeks to minimize workplace injuries resulting from harmful contact with exposed rising-stem valves. Exposed valve stems are an age-old problem and an OSHA recognized hazard. Common injuries associated with valve stems include concussions, cuts & bruises, lacerations, broken bones, dental trauma, dislocations, and IMPALEMENT!

Proper Installation